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Wikipedia Encyclopedia (English) Robin Shou
Red Trousers (topic starter / redirect)
Red Trousers -The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen (topic starter)
    Wikipedia Encyclopedia (German) Robin Shou (topic starter)
Red Trousers (topic starter / redirect)
Red Trousers -Das Leben der Hong Kong Stuntmen (topic starter)
    The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Robin Shou (main topic and movies)  
    Online-Filmdatenbank (OFDb) (German) Robin Shou (Forum / Database)  
    Hong Kong Movie DataBase Forum (香港影庫 - hkMdb) Forum  
    Chinese Movie Database (中文電影資料庫) Forum / Database  
Filmdatenbank (FilmDB) (German) Robin Shou (Forum / Database)  
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