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Robin Shou as Gobei in Beverly Hills Ninja

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Inside Kung-Fu No. 5, 2004
Seeing Red
Robin Shou honors his stunt brethren with a gritty docu-movie about the profession.
By James Lew & Craig Hamann
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James Lew & Craig Hamann - Inside Kung Fu article on Red Trousers director Robin Shou


Inside Kung-Fu No. 10, 2001
Robin Shou -- The Man With The Red Trousers.
Black Belt 1, 1998
Robin Shou: Born In Hong Kong, But Made In America.
Black Belt UK (?)
Robin Shou: Interview with the star of "MORTAL KOMBAT"
World of Martial Arts Nov-Dec 1997
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Inside Kung-Fu No. 10, 1997
Impact June 1997
Special magazine of Mortal Kombat
Transpacific No. 63, 199?
Martial Arts Illustrated - November, 1995
Yolk Magazine No. 4, 1995
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Hong Kong Film Connection Volume III, Issue III (1995 ?)
incl. Interview with Robin Shou
Fan Arts
Sandra Chang
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Movie Pictures
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Beverly Hills Ninja
Eastern Heroes
Mortal Kombat
Red Trousers
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Promotion Photos
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Forbidden Nights
Mortal Kombat
Red Trousers
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
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Mortal Kombat
Black Cat 2
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Event Pictures
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Fan Photos
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liu kang from mortal kombat!


Rene Min

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