July 23 (10 days) --- Martial Arts demonstrate event: Tahiti
La nuit des arts martiaux : De l'art martial au septième art / The night of the martial arts: Martial arts with the cinema


Robin Shou and Simon and Phillip Rhee were invited at celebrity martial artists to demonstrate their form. Robin
Shou (46 years) specialist in Chinese Wu-Shu and the Tempo Karate (mixture of Chinese and Japanese Karate) carried out two Kata and showed as his comrades that the age did not have any effect on its flexibility and its talents of combatant.

Robin Shou's performance



February 25 --- Southern California Chinese Martial Arts Tournament: Irvine, California
Robin Shou and Ray Park (Star Wars Episode I) were special guest judges to Southern California Chinese Martial Arts Tournament in Irvine.
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