December 7, 1997 --- Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention: Los Angeles    
October 8, 1997--- Blockbuster Trip: Dallas
Signing at the Hyatt Regency, Dallas.
October 6, 1997--- Musicland Trip: Las Vegas
Signing at the Musicland, Las Vegas
    September 21, 1997--- Los Angeles County Fair: Pomona, California    
    Signing at the Los Angeles County Fair in Building 4, Booth 4137    
    September 14, 1997--- Major Video National Sales: Toronto (Canada)    
    Signing at the Major Video National Sales    
    September 14, 1997 --- Focus on Video Conference: Toronto (Canada)    
    Signing at the Focus on Video Conference    
    August 12, 1997 --- Premiere of the movie Event Horizone: Los Angeles, California    
    Robin Shou appear to the premiere of the movie Event Horizone (by Paul W. S. Anderson).    
    July 19, 1997 --- Comic Book Convention: San Diego, California    
    Signing at 2:00 PM at the San Diego Comic Book Convention    
    July 10, 1997 --- VSDA Convention: Las Vegas, Nevada    
    Signing at the VSDA Convention - 10:00 AM at the Newline Cinema booth, 3:00 PM at the Columbia/Tristar booth    
    June 20, 1997 --- Creek Nation Festival: Okmulgee, Oklahoma    
    Signing at the Creek Nation Festival    
    June 18, 1997 --- Atlanta E3 Consumer & Electronics Convention: Atlanta, Georgia    
    Signing at the Atlanta E3 Consumer & Electronics Convention    
    1996/1997 --- Shooting to Mortal Kombat: Annihilation    
    Group photos of crew from Mortal Kombat: Annihilation    



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