Titles and awards


    Martial Arts titles  

- 1982-83 International Forms Champion and a member of the National Wu Shu Team
- Gold and silver medal in Wu Shu at competition in China
- Gold medal in weapons at competition in China
- Four-time Traditional Form Grand Champion in California

National Wu Shu Team 1982
from left to right:
Rich Sweetnam, Dennis Brown, Eric Chen, Helen Tsao,
Peter Morales, Paule Bertrand and Robin Shou
Film awards
    - April 5, 2003 Newport Beach Film Festival Award  

Robinís film "Red Trousers - The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen" won the festivalís Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking Award.

Here his letter of thanks for everyone, those supporting him on this project.

Robin Shou with
Newport Beach Film Festival Award


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